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I'm pretty new to meditation, having only started a few months ago. I really battle to keep the mind still. No matter how hard I try, I always have hundreds of thoughts running around my head.


The other day I was lucky enough to try the meditation series formulas from Evan.

They are amazing. Instead of hundreds of thoughts popping into my head, I only had 3 or 4 and it was much easier to let the thoughts go and gain concentration again.

After my initial experience I started using them in my daily meditation. They do make a huge difference.

Mind is much calmer and clearer. Still the odd thought that comes through. But very easy again to concentrate and pull mind away from the thought. 

Andrew, Cape Town

Refrigeration Technician


“I’ve been meditating on and off for two years. With these products my meditation has become easier, and I’m falling into a deeper meditation easier and quicker. I can go deeper into meditation with a very still mind with less to no thoughts compared to before when I would take a few minutes to still the busy mind and taking longer to reach a deep meditation. I feel my body is more relaxed and I feel more aware of my surroundings. When I reach my peaceful state in meditation it lingers longer. When I stop the meditation I am kept in a relaxed calm state.


Arend, BSc student



Mind stabilizer


When I take the mind stabilizer I start to relax. The mind and body relax to a point where I can almost fall asleep. I also have the experience that the energy field around me stabilizes and becomes calmer. The talking mind also relaxes, so the thoughts are not so intensely persistent.




Keeping the mind focused during the meditation still is challenging as thoughts continuously arise. I believe the concentration formula helps focus the now relaxed mind for longer periods of time. The 5 minute interval continuously help the re-focusing of the mind, so that thoughts don’t “run away”. After a few cycles the mind is very still and it seems as if the 5 min reminders are extremely short. The energy flow is continuously present and alive.


Overall, the combination helps to go very deep into meditation almost immediately - without the formula it sometimes takes 20 mins or longer to go that deep. It’s becoming easier to do longer sessions regularly. Typically after 45 mins, my experience is that it’s easy to continue meditation without the formula, or alternatively it’s very easy to go back to daily activities, feeling fresh and sharp, but peaceful and relaxed.


Coenrie - Engineer , Western Cape


The pills are powerful. I feel their effect quickly.

The mind stabilizer formula works very well for insomnia if taken alone.

For meditation its effective in stilling the mind.

The concurrent use of the concentration tablet helps me to keep one's wits intact during and afterwards.


Anonymous, Western Cape


I was spinning like a top but your formulas have saved me. The first time I experienced them I had an awesome and beautifully vivid experience in my meditation.  Now whenever I feel anxious I’m able to take myself back to that vision in the meditation. I’ve also been popping them non-stop yesterday and today. Those pills are really a God-send.



Anonymous, Johannesburg


I run a regular satsang at my centre in Johannesburg, with a dedicated group of spiritual aspirants. At one of our recent gatherings, as the meditation teacher, I offered the 2 formulas that make up the meditation series. This was the first time this group had been exposed to these particular products.  Each person took 2 pills of the first formula and we sat in the meditation circle for 5 minutes to experience it and then we did the same with the second formula.


With the “Mind Stabilizer” product, I was given a vision of the two hemispheres of the brain, left and right, perfectly balanced. Each person reported on their own experience afterwards, and all had experiences, completely individual and unique to them.


We meditated next with the second bottle, “Concentration” following the same protocol. Each meditator came out of this again with their own unique experience. Most found it calming, centering and focusing. All in less than 5 minutes.


Time and time again, it has been remarkable to witness how quickly these formulas work on people. My limited stock sold out and others ordered for themselves.

Anita, Lanseria, Johannesburg

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