Testimonials from retreatants

Evan has put together a 3 day retreat where his extensive personal experiences, training and understanding of spirituality come together to help and guide seekers in their personal journey of ongoing transformation and spiritual development. 

Read below for some of the feedback from the participants of the previous retreat 

Evan conducted.


Evan’s leadership is so gentle and inclusive. He is a vessel and vehicle of Divine love which just pours out of him. The singing of Sanskrit devotional songs increased the Divine Shakti (energy) in the room.

So going into deep meditation periods almost felt effortless and certainly very deep.




It’s the most amazing peaceful experience of my life.
It was an experience that cannot be described in words- highest Spiritual levels.
What stood out was the Sincerity and Love.


A wonderful safe space lovingly held in which to learn, meditate and process. Highlights were the sharing of both personal knowledge about the Vedic scriptures and also personal experience of the kundalini process. Being held in the 'field' of love and high resonance was profound.


Amazing. Very well organised. Would do again in a heart beat. Before the retreat my heart was closed. After the retreat my heart was open. Thank you for having it. It was life changing for me. 


I had a truly miraculous time! It really felt like a "once in a lifetime" event and something that I will treasure for the years to come. I appreciated being exposed to Indian philosophy and practices, within a space that encouraged questioning and engagement. And being in a space that was held in such a way so as to allow for genuine vulnerability and openness allowing me to feel safe.
Venue - so beautiful, truly something special.
Accommodation - simple, but more than adequate.

An amazing experience, skillfully orchestrated. What was unique was the unifying presence, the love of the Divine Mother. 

I really liked the devotional quality of the retreat. The Shakti (Divine energy) was intense at times. 
I loved the kirtan and bhajans (devotional singing). The retreat helped me open my heart and connect with a deeper part of myself.I appreciated the semi-structured approach and room for spontaneity.

It was a very balanced retreat and I loved that it was divinely guided and flowed the way it did.
A beautiful journey into a deeper understanding and nurturing of one's spiritual awakening filled with love, divine shakti and growth.



I experienced a bit of heaven. Life changing in many ways.


A beautiful immersion into a deep world of spiritual bliss where fellowships were forged with love. This all done in the most magnificent surroundings. 

An experience that is almost impossible to capture in words for me. the experience was life-changing for me. A beautiful , supportive environment - Gentle, loving, caring, grounding, peaceful. A wonderful journey within. I loved that we did not follow a strict programme It just flowed so beautifully and lovingly. It felt easy, natural and very very sacred. The silent reflections, the spaces in between where time stood still and my mind stopped racing. Meditation just felt so easy and natural. Oh, and opening up the heart and the gift of tears. That was profound.


I admired how Evan took into account everyones needs and then surrendered this to the Divine Mother to ensure the vessels of their hearts would be filled with love, energy and peace. It was highly energizing and rejuvenating weekend for the mind, body and spirit. It had a beautiful blend of theory and practical techniques.

Peaceful, fluid, loving.



I really really enjoyed the Kirtans (group devotional songs) that were familiar - the feeling of this vibration on the physical body and heart was profound and the stillness that followed seemed to transcend this world. 
I enjoyed the venue. Was great to walk to meals and rooms. Acoustics felt good in the hall. Carpeted floor was great. Felt comfortable. Lovely to be in the mountains and didn't feel too far away.

Grounding, refreshing, enlightening, a gift to my spiritual self and personal growth. 


It was a Divinely inspired weekend.... Just WOW.

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