Energy Products

Dear Meditator 🌸


The  2 energy products that make up the Meditation series are: 


1) The Mind Stabilizer: this helps to calm the mind, preparing it for meditation.





2) The Concentration formula: this helps to focus the mind. Mental focus is a necessary step to attain the crown jewel of deep peace that meditation offers.


The active ingredient of these two formulas is specific unique configurations of Divine Energy given intentionally by Source to provide the benefits described. The energy has been put into small pleasant tasting tablets made from a non-nutritive sweetener called isomalt which is safe for diabetics, is vegan friendly and non GMO. 

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Please note that these formulas are not a substitute for spiritual practice and users are encouraged to continue with their various efforts. 



There will be varied rates of progress depending on factors like how refined the energy system is. Refinement comes from spiritual practice, lifestyle choices, ethical codes, devotion, karma, past life attainments etc. Users are encouraged to persevere. Source has indicated that reverence or devotion towards these Divine gifts will assist with progress. The most significant interference factor is bad habits.

Getting Started: 

Take the Mind Stabiliser alone

To tune into the formulas we recommend that initially you only take them during your meditation. We suggest initially you only take the Mind Stabilizer formula and see if you notice a calming, relaxing and mind stabilizing effect of this formula. As per the label on the bottle, the dosage is 1 pill every 15 mins during meditation. 


Take the Concentration formula alone:

In a separate meditation session we recommend you trial the Concentration Formula on its own to tune into its effects and get to know the formula. As per the label on the bottle, the dosage is 1 pill every 5 minutes. Watch for the mind becoming more focused.

Combine both formulas:

When you are ready combine them as per the respective dosage on the bottles. This means starting them together with a single pill of each. 




We use a 5 min repeat timer to signal us to take a pill. There are free timer apps available like “Insight timer’. For apple devices only, some use an inexpensive one for $1.99, called “I Qi clock and Meditation timer”. 


Off - Label Benefits:

Users are already reporting benefits of these formulas outside of the meditation context. These so called off-label effects are welcomed but the official marketing of these products is for Meditation.



There are no constraints with these subtle energy products and they can also be given to children, pregnant woman, animals etc.




Cost: R100 per bottle for a one month’s supply plus courier fee. 

Products will be couriered to you. Payment is currently only by EFT.

To get a quote please complete this online form. We will send you the courier cost based on where you live in South Africa.



Please click here to read what people are saying about these products.


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This subtle energy product is not approved by any medical controls council. No claims to treat or cure diseases are implied. It is not claimed that users will experience the states described by the product name and use is experimental. Consult your medical or natural healthcare practitioner before use and if you have adverse effects.

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