Spiritual Retreats

A spiritual gift given to Evan is the ability to support healing and spiritual advancement. This has been made possible  through Divine Energy that flows through him. Evan named this modality TSP or Transformational Spiritual Power. It is available through homeopathic pills as well as through hands off energy healing sessions. 


The TSP pills are available through 2 types of products:


1) HSC (Higher States of Consciousness)


Over several years signature frequencies were given to Evan. These are Higher States of Consciousness (HSC) which support spiritual advancement. A range of 15 frequencies is available: and the list is given below. 

1. Expansion, Bliss and Peace
2. Divine Energy – cleansing
3. Expansion of Consciousness
4. Divine Energy – soothing
5. Quiet & Relaxation
6. Purifying the Heart
7. Divine Energy, Expansion of Consciousness and Bliss
8. Bliss
9. Bliss, Peace, Divine Energy
10. Peace and Relaxation
11. Samadhi series (11.0 to 11.30)
12. Bliss, Divine Energy, Love
13. Pure Peace
14. Shakti series (14.0 to 14.3)
15. Pure Love



2. PF (Personalised Frequency)


Evan was also tasked to make available customised frequencies for healing. These are known as PF’s or Personalised Frequencies. Each of these frequencies is made up for the individual and may assist with healing on all levels.


These subtle energy products are not approved by any medical controls council. No claims to treat or cure diseases are implied. It is not claimed that users will experience the states described by the product names and use is experimental.

Consult your medical or natural healthcare practitioner before use and if you have adverse effects. 

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