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The Beautiful Stillness of Your True Nature

Meditation is for everyone


Meditation evenings are to provide a loving space filled with high frequency Divine energy and forums to learn, grow and transform.

The evenings program consists of meditation and a mix of devotional singing, Q&A, a short  talk on transformation & practical spiritual tools.


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About Evan

After completing his internship in Clinical Psychology in 1991, Evan established himself in the personal development space in various ways. He offered Shadow Work retreats, EQ workshops, group depth facilitation, executive and private coaching, Imago relationship coaching and general transformation services.


Running parallel with Evan’s professional life was a steadily building intensity to know truth. In 1999 Sathya Sai Baba, an Avatar, revealed Himself to Evan in dramatic fashion granting him a super conscious experience. A Divine romance ensued with all the sublime feelings, incredible experiences, inner communication, dreams and transformation. These brought longed for satisfaction, security, peace, contentment and true love.

Evan’s path is that of love and devotion. It’s known as the easiest and most enjoyable path home to the mountain top of Self-Realization. A grace-drenched life filled with abiding peace, bliss and ongoing awakenings, such as Evan’s, is possible for all. It only requires dedication to love and spiritual practice under the guidance of a loving responsible teacher. Evan offers the path of love he walks, side by side with Divinity, 100% from the heart. Though he teaches knowledge he has accumulated, the emphasis is very much on facilitation of spiritual experience. Evan creates powerful Shakti (Divine Energy) fields in his work and Divinity does the work through him. 


Through his spiritual experiences, research into studies of awakening and consistent Divine guidance it became clear to Evan, that a full awakening is not just waking “up”. The process is incomplete and dangerous without waking “in”. This is the transformation work of self awareness and self-responsibility; of Personal Mastery, Shadow work, Emotional Intelligence and Relationship work. This transformation work has been heavily emphasised in Evan’s dream guidance and brought him full circle back to the work he had done professionally since 1991. He has received Divinely sourced practices through his dreams which are offered to the seekers he works with. 


Evan’s approach is grounded in practicality, empowering seekers with customized processes and practices from a vast toolbox, to aid them to achieve their spiritual and transformational goals.


He is a member of the core workers group administering the world mission of an expression of the Divine Mother, Ganga Bhavani Maa. Evan’s Master, Sathya Sai Baba guided,  encouraged and blessed him to support this Divine Mother mission which he has been doing gratefully since 2017. 


His special areas of interest are Transformation, Kundalini, the Divine Life in the world, Dream interpretation, Inner child work, Supervising other coaches, and Love.

Transformational Spiritual Power & Personal Frequencies

A spiritual gift given to Evan is the ability to support healing and spiritual advancement. This has been made possible  through Divine Energy that flows through him. Evan named this modality TSP or Transformational Spiritual Power. It is available through homeopathic pills as well as through hands off energy healing sessions. 

Spiritual Retreats with Evan

Evan has put together a 3 day retreat where his extensive personal experiences, training and understanding of spirituality come together to help and guide seekers in their personal journey of ongoing transformation and spiritual development. The use of meditation techniques, TSP’s, and devotional singing are part of the program that Evan will guide you through during the Retreat. There are follow up talks and workshops which are useful to continue moving one forward in ones journey. Joining a group of like-minded people who continue this beautiful journey together can be  very rewarding and supportive.  ​

What people say about Evan

"Evan is steeped in knowledge,

wisdom, direct experience, and

practical application..."

Anita Craig,

Transformational Coach


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